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Come on in and find your next favorite plant accessories! Beautiful, unique, and handmade, our items make great gifts for any occasion!

  • In The Making...

    Different stages of the process!

  • There's a Process..

    It All Starts With the Sections..

  • Awaiting Polish..

    We polish each bead on each item before they are ready to go!

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Event Shenanigans!

  • It Was THIS BIG!

    That time Mike caught a fish on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

  • Inclusion Festival 2022!

    We can't wait for next year! Music, Art, Inclusion, Community, and Buckets of Fun for EVERYONE!

  • Also Inclusion Festival!

    Seriously, so much fun.

  • Fun at Buttinhead Farm!

    Ever sitting at a concert and wish you could snuggle a goat? Me too!

    Turns out dreams DO come true!

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Looking for something specific?

We love creating custom orders! If you have a specific color or aesthetic or shape or bead or wood or style or ya know, anything in mind, contact us via e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, etc and we will work with you to create the perfect planty piece!